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Aluminium und Aluminiumlegierungen

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Produktkategorie: Aluminium und Aluminiumlegierungen

Die Cast Products

Die-casting refers to the technology and product of instantaneously forming molten aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other non-ferrous metal alloys at high speed and high pressure into a finely fabricated mold.
Die casting products are used in various fields such as automobile parts, motorcycle parts, marine parts, home appliances, office automation equipment, industrial equipment, and construction materials, and are used in our daily lives.
Die casting has many features such as precise dimensions, accurate finishing, excellent strength, and the ability to mass-produce complex-shaped products, and because it is lightweight, durable, and recyclable, it is also in demand from the point of environmental protection. Increased has.

As a leading maker of die casting, Kawakin Die Casting Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a wide range of die casting products ranging from functional parts of automobiles, motorcycles and outboard motors to communication and optical devices, industrial machinery, construction materials, office equipment and weighing devices.

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Produktkategorie: Aluminium und Aluminiumlegierungen

Nano Cast

Nanocast is characterized by high quality, high operation, low cost and space saving compared to conventional semi-solid die casting technology.

Kawakin Die Casting Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells high-quality products using optimal manufacturing methods and technologies according to customer requirements and specification environment.

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Über uns


Since our establishment in 1972, our company has walked as a specialized manufacturer of aluminum die castings until today. Taking full advantage of traditional technologies cultivated over a long history, we are actively working on new challenges, such as the establishment of technologies in the semi-solidification field and the research and development of products and manufacturing methods in consideration of environmental issues.

The starting point of manufacturing is 'the highest quality', and the quality is supported by the highest technology. We are always pursuing the highest quality and the best technology under the catchphrase “To be a company of the only one”.

Furthermore, in order to earn the trust and evaluation of all stakeholders, we will continuously strive for customer satisfaction, social contribution and environmental activities, fulfill our social responsibility in corporate governance, and evolve into a global company.