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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation

EAF Automation / DigitARC™ PX3 AC high Performance

The DigitARC™ Family of Electrode Regulation Systems is the foundation of our AMI optimization solutions for EAFs. Utilizing the latest technology and more than 30 years of Arc Regulation experience on over 150 EAF’s worldwide, AMI offers a proven solution for the most demanding EAF and LF Applications. Our EAF Regulators use state-of-the-art electrode control technology and incorporate advanced tools to monitor the performance of the heat in every aspect, with a practical and user-friendly interface. With over 90% of the EAF tons poured in the Americas currently utilizing AMI Regulation technology, you know you can count on AMI for premium performance and reliability for all of your EAF Regulation needs.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation

EAF Automation / SmartFurnace™

The AMI SmartFurnace™ System improves productivity and reduces energy used per ton of steel. As an Artificial Intelligence Expert system, it dynamically selects the best operating points for electrical and chemical energy input based on the actual heat conditions. Every EAF has a personality and AMI has the tools and the experienced technical people to help you tune your EAF operation.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation

EAF Automation / SmartFurnace IoTrode™ Module

IoTrode™ Measures, Controls, and Optimizes the consumption of graphite electrodes using advanced digital technologies and the tools of Industry 4.0.

IoTrode™ includes:
Real-Time electrode consumption visibility.
Real time measurement of consumption and of quantification of graphite electrode performance.
Automation/Control module to reduce consumption and improve performance in use.

This complete system contains the best technology in the market that fulfills the functionality and operational benefits that EAF steel producers need and the most forward thinking operators.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation

Automation for Industrial Systems

-Drive Systems and Exciters
-PCB design und Layout
-Automation Software and Hardware

Process optimization: Automation and upgrades.

Engineering services.

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Metec - ESTAD - Conference / Room 15, 14:00 / EAF dynamic process optimization with AMI-SMARTFurnace modules

Author: Carlos de los Santos - AMI International / AMI Automation
Co-Authors: S. Jackson - Duferdofin Nucor

The optimization task in the Electric Arc Furnace requires a very precise balance of the interaction between the chemical and electrical energy. With the increasing number of high productive EAF, the use of burners, coal injectors and oxygen injection in coordination with electric power play a significant role in improving the efficiency of the steel making process. Besides, with constant changes in demand, produced steel grade, and raw material quality among other constraints, the need for a system capable of adapting to the current operation conditions becomes critical.
With this situation in mind, Duferdofin Nucor, a steel plant located in San Zeno, Italy, made an installation of the AMI technology in their Electric Arc Furnace during the summer of 2018. This paper describes how the AMI SmartFurnace system, featuring the DigitARC PX3 Electrode Regulator together with Electrical and Chemical Energy Input Modules, helped optimize the operation in Duferdofin Nucor, with results in efficiency and productivity. The details of this system are discussed and results of its functionalities are shown.

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Metec-ESTAD Conference / Room 14, 11:10 / EAF optimization with AMI dynamic process models for special steel production

Guillermo Fernandez - AMI International / AMI Automation
Co-Authors:  F. Martinez

During 2017 and 2018, AMI has commissioned its Electrode Regulator DigitARC PX3 together with its process optimization models SmartARC and SmartFurnace Oxygen Module in several plants in Europe producing special steels. These artificial intelligence modules dynamically adapt the furnace operation parameters including electric power input as well as the burners and lances to the conditions of the EAF, which are continuously changing due to raw materials / scrap quality and produced steel grades.
In this paper, the projects for customers producing quality and special steels focused mainly in the European region will be described, and the improvements with the AMI installation will be shown.

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Metec-ESTAD Conference / Room 15, 9:00 / AMI-SMARTFurnace Off Gas analysis for EAF optimization

Author: Fernando Martínez -  AMI International / AMI Automation 
Co-Authors: G. Fernandez

The use of AMI SmartFurnace optimization modules in Electric Arc Furnaces and the developments in the optimization of the Oxygen, Natural Gas and Carbon Injection have been continuously improving the steelmaking process in EAFs around the world. One major milestone has been to close the control loop of chemical energy control with the introduction of a Laser Off Gas Analyzer, measuring the CO, CO2, H2O and Temperature of the off gas. The measurements taken by the instrumentation are used by the SmartFurnace Off Gas and Oxygen Module to calculate the optimal setpoints of the EAF burners and lances. The chemical energy modules are complemented dynamic process models and algorithms for electrical energy providing an integral furnace control. The latest implementations of this technology in plants with a wide range of raw materials, EAF mechanical characteristics and production needs are described in this paper, and the achieved results are shown.

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Automation Technology Conference in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

Pittsburgh, PA

Tony Klippel, and Prasann Jinturkar from Gerdau – Jackson, TN, along with Jamie Hansen, AMI Automation, will jointly present a technical paper May 07 11:00 am at AISTech 2019 Pittsburgh Room 406. Title: The IoTrode™: A complete system to monitor and optimize all aspects of graphite electrode usage in an EAF Meltshop. The presentation will discuss the installation and the initial results.

AMI Automation has created a new module to add to its successful SmartFurnace™ System of digital tools for EAF melt shops. The IoTrode™ is part of AMI Automations’ furnace optimization system for monitoring, controlling and reducing the consumption of graphite electrodes in EAF (electric arc furnace) melt shops. The IoTrode™ provides for digitization of graphite electrodes for the modern EAF Steel Producer.

Fernando Martinez – Vice President AMI Automation said: “The IoTrode™ is the first in a series of new products AMI will be introducing to assist the EAF steel producer in optimizing and controlling their process.”

AMI is a leader in the field of EAF optimization, control and service. The IoTrode™ is the latest addition to the SmartFurnace™ suite that includes the SmartARC™, and DigitARC™ products that control and reduce electrode consumption. The AMI SmartFurnace™ System improves productivity and reduces energy used per ton of steel.

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We offer flexible and friendly modular control systems, designed to make your electric arc furnace run more erriciently and help your operator to obtain the best performance in your furnaces.

We automate industrial processes with custom motor control and drive solutions for all your requirements in heavy industries including steel, pulp and paper, metals, and cement. We are experts in the design, fabrication, installation and construction of drive systems and PLC control systems.

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