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We are an international leader of custom-engineered high temperature valves and equipment for the Iron & Steel, Glass, Petrochemical and Refining industries.

More than 135 years of experience and application of latest engineering technology and fabrication procedures guarantees unique, high-quality, specialised valves. We also provide our customers in the Iron & Steel business with special plant supply for blast furnaces, in particular: “Energy Recovery Turbine Units“, “No-Bell Top“ charging devices and burden measurement equipment (“t-matriX” and “p-matriX”).

Commissioning, repair and overhaul of our products, installed worldwide, also belong to our core business.

Our in-house engineering enables IMI Z&J to offer customised solutions for critical applications in the industries we serve. High operating temperatures, large nominal valve sizes up to 6m diameter – larger by request – together with high frequency of operation and very long maintenance-free operating periods are IMI Z&J´s specialty.

Concerning safety and environmental compatibility, our products always fulfil the most recent and highest specifications. An extensive and internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9001:2000 / PED 97/23/EC) with additional international special approvals, guarantee products of the highest quality of workmanship.

Over the years, IMI Z&J engineers have been working closely with end-users, technology licensors and operators to develop advanced technologies to lower the overall long-term operating costs and investments of high temperature valves and special equipment.

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